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podcasts, videos & audio series


These are broken down into 2 categories:

 my Patreon Exclusive episodes  ( 33 episodes total at the time of writing this 5/13/21) – 

And my DELETED public podcast episodes (48 total)

On Patreon I do a series called “The Occultist’s Journal” . This is a much more personal podcast where I talk about my current experiences and lessons in life and the Occult. 

The additional 48 episodes, I deleted from the public podcast because I felt they were too personal and vulnerable. This was my first year of podcasting and most of it was recorded in my car on my work lunch break. I would share experiences and all the little “magic” I could think of AS it was happening in my life. 




These are also podcasts… but usually in the form of a series on more focused topics. 

I did a series on Yule and Xmas traditions from an Occult perspective. 

A “Season of The Witch” series on Witchcraft – 

And currently I’m doing a series where I’m podcasting my way through Condensed Chaos by Phil Hine. A book on Chaos Magic! 

Basically I read a chapter and then hop on the mic and talk about my thoughts and interpretations. 

We have a little book club going for it on Discord!


All my videos! I haven’t done a video series or a video reading in a while, but when I started my Patreon I did both. Click the link below for a list of all videos !

I did a full Wheel of The Year Series, some readings and OF COURSE many , many video interviews with some super amazing Occultists. 

Typically I add a new Video Interview every month. Sometimes more.