1. Hey Jessica, we touched base a couple of years ago when I first got out of prison about women with trauma. Since then you have done so much! Love your podcast. I have a few things I’m working on too! My Facebook page is a wellness coaching for women with ptsd related to partner trauma or sexual violence. I’m also working on my first book. I have a blog and podcast that I’ll link to here. The reason I was writing was to say, have you read the Essential Golden Dawn? By Cicero. It’s really good and talks about a lot that you mention today in the podcast. Answered a lot of my question.
    medium.com/morriganhunter9 and anchor.fm/Shannon-Stanley
    Great to touch base again

    1. Hi Shannon! I think you may have me mistaken for someone else. My name is Luchiana! However I’m so glad that you’re enjoying my podcast and I cant wait to check yours out! I have not read that yet but I just looked it up , and definitely feel like I should! hope you’re well and excited to connect with you more 😀

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