. The Morning Oracles

The Morning Oracles

Habit & Ritual-building program for Witches & Spirituals: shadow work prompts, visualizations, ritual ideas & the basic building blocks for Daily Magic .

I made this because I have struggled with incorporating ritual and magic into my every day. I hope you feel the effects of the great mystery - as i have.

- Luchiana


“The Morning Oracles came to my life at the perfect time. This year I have struggled with keeping on top of my work as it has been super stressful.  Unfortunately it has made my physical and mental health suffer and I was looking for a supplementary ritualistic habit I could do along with getting some help from the doc. I’m so glad Luchiana created this magical thing that gave me something to look forward to on the most uninspiring days. Thank you for following your heart – because it helped mine ❤️.”


14 days to build intuitive habit

Each Day for 14 Days, you will focus on ONLY one or two “blocks” from this Master Sheet , by diving into Resource Sheets, Focus Rituals and Audio Prompts.

For Example, on Day 4, you will Focus on “Boxes” 4 & 5 in The Master Morning Oracle –

Every day for 14 days, you will receive:

a Resource sheet

a Focus Ritual (printable or typeable pdf)

an Audio Prompt (or video)

I’m just dipping my toe back into the mystical world, where I spent a lot of time when I was a teenager.

When I saw The Possibility Department’s previews of The Morning Oracles, I was instantly interested and signed up to be one of the first on the list to get access to the early launch.

The program is amazing.  Luchiana provides so much valuable content.  Each day I was blown away by the new ritual, and all the resources she provides. 

I’m now waking up an hour early every morning to do my practice.  I’m seeing tons of proof of manifestation and magic.

I’m so glad I was a part of the first round, and know it’ll bring value to even more people! ✨


Photo previews:

Simple BreakDown

The Morning Oracles includes:

–>  Intro Videos

–>  15 Focus Rituals (Printable & Type-able)

–>  14 Resource Sheets to read each morning before your Focus Ritual

–>  13 Audio Prompts & 1 video prompt

–>  3 Levels of The Morning Oracle Master Sheet :  Levels Easy, Medium and Hard 

–>  the morning oracles printable planner inserts

preview of the planner inserts

Here I printed these on "kraft" paper - you can get creative and print on any color!

front page

INSIDE: for daily journaling or shadow work

I was lucky enough to participate in the first edition of the Morning Oracles Program, and it completely changed my way of understanding self-care. The Master Morning Oracles sheet looked daunting, but the program helped me dive deeper into each section, processing it with enough time. I spent the two weeks looking forward to the ritual of the day, and the Discord channel was a great tool to share and get excited about our self-discovery with other like-minded individuals. Last, but not least, the materials of the program are GORGEOUS, and using them made me feel like a queen witch. Luchiana has created a thing of beauty, and you can see her honesty and will to improve from a mile away.


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WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE on the inside?

This is the right program for you if . . .

you're spending time pinning meditations, affirmations,
rituals & witchcraft infographics on pinterest ...
but not making the time to apply the principles in real life.

There are really not enough words to express what this course has meant to me. I was “lost” in my own ritual — as in, I had just stopped — for one reason or another. Luchianna has created something truly special. I had a focus for each day of the week. It drove me to jump back into my daily practice, but in a gentle way that slowly ramped up. You have the ability to do as little or as much ritual as you want by the time the course is over. It’s interactive and I love all the options that Luchianna so thoughtfully has built into the tools. This course, just like it’s creator, is already a gem and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.


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Q:What if I don’t have a printer?

A:  All the files are editable PDFs so you can just type in them and save them! I talk more about that process in the intro video in module 1. On another note, I also recommend just saving the files at some point and taking them to a print shop!


Do you still have questions about the program? Email me anything, no purchase obligation.


Are You Ready, Witch ?