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Which came first , the chicken or the egg?
Do practices like these work because you performed them ... or because you're conscious that you performed them ... therefore activating a placebo? Who knows! I don't claim either in any of these workshops. The purpose of these workshops is to try new things together and see what works for YOU.
For your brain, your body, your circumstances, your beliefs and your life.


Ever heard of people going to their "happy place"? What if you could create a sanctuary in your mind ...one that you could easily return to over and over for the kinds of quick and effective meditations that you need most. It's an altar like any other ... but in your mind. The possibilities are endless. -- 1 hr & 35 minute workshop.


What does it mean to cleanse your space and when should you do it? Here we go through various methods and speculate on how this may work spiritually or just psychologically. We talk about methodologies that engage the senses and creating a "cleansing bowl" to represent your intentions for the cleanse. -- 1 hr & 8 minute workshop.


Often we set intentions without giving them much thought. Is that really what you want? Sometimes we have to dig a little to find the authentic desire that's under the surface-level want. In this workshop I outline when bringing desires to fruition has worked best for me -and we take our intentions through a process called SWOT analysis. -- 1 hr & 7 min workshop.


All over the community we talk about cord cutting. Over and over. It's everywhere. But where did the term come from and why do we use it? In this workshop I attempt to find a very speculative answer and we talk about methods of cutting the cord between you and the situation , person or pattern that seems to be draining you. -- 45 minute workshop.


"Manifestation" is a tricky word that don't like to use a lot, because I feel like it's been taken out of context and advertised as a miracle method that solves all your problems. However , in this workshop I talk about the more logical side of "Manifestation" for more practical life goals. If you want something ... you may have to sacrifice that which is keeping you from it.
-- 42 minute workshop.


Learn how sigils might work from a more psychospiritual perspective! I talk about how sigils and logos work as a kind of "energetic doorbell" for thoughts, feelings and emotions to come rushing in. We explore a few different ways of creating sigils and we abandon the rulebook a bit too. Learn to craft and fire your own sigil! -- 1 hr & 16 minute workshop


This workshop includes a VERY SPECULATIVE history of Tea Leaf reading. I was unable to find a direct history, but my speculation is that originated in the East and was carried throughout the world thanks to The Romani, leading up to a boom in the Victorian Era. We do a step-by-step workshop on how to flip the cup and read based on the book "Tea Cup Reading" by "The Highland Seer" in 1881. -- 1 hr workshop.


So you've pinned a bunch of affirmations of Pinterest and you recited some sacred words from a book. Now what? It doesn't feel powerful or potent. It doesn't feel like any change is taking place... Why? Maybe because those words mean nothing to you ... because you didn't write them. In this workshop we explore how we can write ritualistic text for ourselves and give it multi-faceted meaning. -- 46 minute workshop.


Learn what a pendulum is and how to use it wherever, whenever for your gut/intuition yes or no answer. You don't need a pendulum, you can use a necklace or any weighted object on a chain/string. We go through the process step by step! -- 49 minute workshop.