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The Morning Oracles is a 14 Day Morning Ritual Program  – that you can PRINT or TYPE

made for the busy person who wants to get back in touch with their magic – and hold that magic down on a daily basis!

The entire program is based on this MASTER Morning Oracle Sheet that includes ALLLLL of the things you need to kick start your day with alignment, intuition and magic.


Each Day for 14 Days, we will focus on ONLY one or two “blocks” from this Master Sheet , by diving into Resource Sheets, Focus Rituals and Audio Prompts.

For Example, on Day 4, We Focus on “Boxes” 4 & 5 in The Master Morning Oracle – So you will receive a Resource Sheet and a Focus Ritual + an Audio Prompt:



Here’s The Break Down!

The Morning Oracle includes:

  • 15 Focus Rituals (Printable & Type-able)

  • 14 Resource Sheets to read each morning before your Focus Ritual

  • 13 Audio Prompts

  • 3 Levels of The Morning Oracle Master Sheet : Levels Easy, Medium and Hard  ( you will receive these at the end of the 14 days)

  • DISCORD GROUP CHAT access to me for any questions AND to talk about your rituals each morning with the group (also, hold each other accountable!)

  • 1 EFT Tapping Video

  • 1 Intro Video

  • BONUS Free journaling Paper/ PDF for free hand journaling

  • BONUS Automatic Writing Bundle



What’s The Big Idea?

By the end of this Program, you should have a binder FULL of Resources with ideas and inspirations – along with printed blanks of 15 fun rituals, not to mention 3 master sheets.


Each morning, you can flip through and decide what fits you best that day! All the ideas, prompts and inspirations are right there at your fingertips – so your pre-coffee brain doesn’t have to think “should I do something grounding before work? Should I meditate? Should I journal?” — *and then you end up falling asleep on the couch for an extra 10 minutes trying to decide*

I made this for me, so I know it will work for you. Its’s designed to take the “thinking about what to do” out of the process and just let your intuition run wild with whichever exercise it chooses.

I hope you enjoy it and I’m so exited to see you in the group chat!



Q:What if I don’t have a printer?

A:  All the files are editable PDFs so you can just type in them and save them! I talk more about that process in the intro video in module 1. On another note, I also recommend just saving the files at some point and taking them to a print shop!


Q:Will I have access forever?

A:  The password I provide you will work even AFTER the 14 days has ended. So you’ll still have access to the webpages with the audio, video and files! HOWEVER, I recommend that you download all the files I offer you for safekeeping. I don’t foresee taking down the web pages at any time in the near future – But I cannot guarantee that the program will run forever! SO SAVE ALL YOUR FILES! The Audio is downloadable too 🙂


Q:What happens to the Discord Group chat?

A:  Discord will be shut down after the 14 days – however I do offer a monthly membership as a continuation of The Morning Oracles that includes discord! This new Monthly Membership is called “The Book of Oracles”.


Q:Do you offer refunds?

A:  Per industry standard (digital downloads) – I do not offer refunds. However, with over a year in business and over 100 sales – I’ve never had a dissatisfied customer!




Still have questions?

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