THE MORNING MANIFESTO / 3 MINUTE FAST TRACK MEDITATION //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (Instant Download Only)

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Not as easy as it looks right? 

Have you tried it?

Do you fidget, does your mind wander?

Does the sound of the washer & dryer in the background trip you up?

Are you thinking of everything else you have to do after the meditation, because now you only have 20 minutes to get to work?

Me too. I needed something grounded, but flowing, something I could speak along with to keep me on track – something that clicks – rhymes even – so I could memorize it and speak it out daily.

Something with incredible music – to remind me that my life is my own movie, and I get to create it as I go. 

I worked hard for months and months designing a giant poetic affirmation that hits all the points we need to kickstart our day with a shot of consciousness and expansive, mystic & TRUE reminders.

In the meditation we touch on:

+   Earth Connection

+   Body Connection

+   The Rare Gift of Life

+   The Adventure of Each Day

+   Cosmic Origins

+   Our Power of Healing Ourselves and Our Bodies

+   Our Power of Creation & Bringing Ideas to Life

+   Being a Part of History

+   Living Intentionally Staying Aligned & Focused to Achieve our Dreams

+   Conscious Time-Use – Making Time an Ally, not an Enemy

+   Sharing our Unique Gifts and Creating our  Fate

+   Releasing Fear of others’ Judgement

+   Conjuring Courage to be Who we Are.


All in 3 Minutes & 43 Seconds.

Are you ready to revolutionize your day with a true reminder of who you really are?

You’re walking, breathing, living magic. It’s time for you to feel like it.





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