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Oceanic Cleansing

The Oceanic Cleansing

Water represents emotion, flow , and ease - attune yourself with the energy of water here and become conscious, mindful and open to receiving .
This is a good place to remember the archetype of a sea goddess.
Stoic, dignified, yet comfortable in her skin and highly intuitive.
Giving, generous, yet so open to receiving!

Happy Spelling.

Step 1 , play and leave this audio in the background

Step 2 , bring to mind the scent of the sea, and the feeling of sand on your feet . Close your eyes & focus on this for a minute.

Step 3 , take in the mood board

Step 4 , close your eyes. spend at least a minute or two focusing on only the sound of the waves and your breath

Lovingly (no pressure) Bring your mind to the intention of peace, serenity & Cleansing

allow your mind to visualize if the mood board inspired you.

Let your mind be creative - let it make things up and bring you scenarios & stories.

Step 5 , optional: Listen to the "Oceanic Cleansing" Audio Spell

Step 6 , what did you see? jot it down - what do you think it means?

Other Ideas:
-Drink a glass of water with gratitude
- Fill a bowl with water & Scry
- picture yourself standing on the shore and feel all the elements.
- open the window and let the wind in
- take a shower and be grateful for each drop
- close your eyes and focus only on your breath
-wash your hands with reverence & gratitude
- Tell your mind to show you a sea creature in meditation. Which one does it show you? What is the message?

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