what is the meditation library?

meditations for witches & mystics ?

Why does Meditation have to be... boring?
My meditations have been described as an "Astral Environment".

This is likely because I use layers upon layers of music, sounds, poetry and even embedded "spells", depending on the track. Some of the music might make you feel like you're the main character in a movie - or running downhill in a beautiful forest.

The truth is, I got sick of internet meditation music. Where was the excitement?

Where were the meditations that felt like magic or spellwork?

Where were the meditations for Witches or Mystical folks?

I found myself craving meditations with a manifesto inside. With dark, deep music. With words that I could say along.

I craved witch meditations, fun meditations, meditations that transport you to another world... even if only for 5 minutes.

I set out to create meditation tracks for people who want an immersive astral experience of intention, spell work, witchcraft and "manifestation" all wrapped inside a track.

Dive in Deep and come out more magical than ever.

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