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Hey there & Welcome Witches, Spirituals & Occult-Dabblers!

My name is Luchiana, and in February of 2018 I started making affirmation oracle cards - mostly for myself to help with my depression.

Being in a state that was a little dark - traditional affirmations weren't working for me. You know that kind where you kinda lie to yourself at first? "I'm rich, I have everything I want"...that kind of deal?

Needing something that my cynical mind could believe ... I created affirmations that had true facts that I couldn't argue with. True Facts that still made me feel EXPANSIVE & just a little happier - even filled with wonder!

"I am a part of human history"

"I too am an animal, and I have instincts"

"The Earth provides plants that can heal me"

"All things originate from the cosmos"

These little affirmations helped me to feel grounded and yet full of Possibility. And so The Possibility Department was born!

Now I'm able to say other affirmations that aren't as "real" - and take them in with the same sense of wonder ... but the whole experience really left me thinking about the wonders of our tangible reality. So much we don't know!

My stance here at The Possibility Department is that I'm willing to entertain the possibility of just about anything. And I'm perfectly content with going to my deathbed never fully knowing all the truths of the world.

Join me as I dabble in a bunch of Occult concepts ... likely never committing to a single one. I'll hopefully see you in my community on Patreon!

- Luchiana, Head of The Possibility Department

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