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The Possibility Department is a space for constantly-curious seekers, where personal growth meets metaphysics and occultism.

The PD creates Resources, Meditations, Inspiration & Community for Skeptical Mystics, who want on-the-go-jet-fuel for their mind-melding journey.

Through a weekly stream of content (on Patreon), we explore methods of mysticism, myth, metaphor, philosophy and psychology - to aid in constructing and crystallizing our ideal life experiences.

The PD aims to deliver tiny-but-potent cosmic chunks of content, that prompt you reframe, reimagine and find practice/ ritual that actually delivers results, while fitting into your lifestyle & values.

This content will also encourage you to completely dive into the belief...
OR maintain that it's entirely a placebo. That part is up to you.

My hope & prayer, is that the transcendental tips, metaphysical methods and sometimes whimsical actions I recommend - help to ignite your spark within, and fan the flames of your very own creative renaissance.

Creative as in creation.

What if you were actively creating your life, as opposed to just living it?

The esoteric definition of "magic" is "creating change in conformity with your will" .

So whether you get to that change by chanting, casting, tracking the stars or repeating affirmations doesn't matter .

What matters is that you start the journey of trying - and keep a notebook at the ready to record your results.

Should you choose to join our community and content stream on Patreon- I'll thank my lucky stars for you every day .

Stay Mysterious,

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