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Cauldron Intention Brew

The Cauldron Intention Brew

Too many thoughts to handle? Too may ideas? Don't know where to start? Too many sides of your personality competing? Too many cooks in the kitchen?

This little visualization should help you take a second to envision what you truly want and regain some sovereignty back over your ideas.

Happy Spelling.

Step 1 , play and leave this audio in the background

Step 2 , take in the sounds and clear your mind.
focus on the sound and envision the scent of your favorite incense or oil coming from the cauldron.

Step 3 , take in the mood board

Step 4 , Visualize this:

Picture you life as an energetic cauldron.

There is only so much space inside!

how many things fill yours?

does it feel overwhelming?

If you could empty the cauldron out and brew up something new - what ingredients would you put in?

What are the few special things you would focus on most?

see yourself starting over - cleansing out the old and beginning anew ...putting in only the things you love.

Watch it all bubble & boil.

You can envision all sorts of lights, smoke, flames, divinity - and be grateful for this moment.

Let your mind be creative - let it make things up and bring you scenarios & stories.

Step 5 , optional: Listen to the "Cauldron Intention Brew" Audio Spell

Step 6 , what did you see? jot it down - what do you think it means?

Other Ideas:
-Burn a certain incense that matches your new intentions
- Bake something and picture each ingredient you add as representing an intention.
- Light a candle with a color that represents your intention and watch the flames
- Write your intentions out as affirmations and state them out loud
- Plant a seed to represent your intention and watch it grow

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